6 Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight

6 Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight: No Equipment Cardio Workout

Doing Cardio at home only requires a little space and some effort.

No special equipment is needed.

In fact, if you have the space to lay down on the floor and watch television...

...you can instead get moving, elevate your heart rate...


Burn off weight with this simple but effective cardio workout to lose weight.

Before you start crushing your workout, please make sure you warm up properly.

Ok, time to burn some calories and feel good doing it! Let's Go!


These are a great combination of exercises to keep your body moving and your mind engaged.

Each combination of exercises includes three timed sets of exercise, followed by three reps of a particular move.

You'll do these combinations four times to complete the workout.

If you have physical limitations due to an injury, I demonstrate modified movements for every jumping exercise included.

Safety first, but get moving!

List Of Exercises

  • Hot Feet
  • Jump Knee Tucks
  • Floor Taps
  • Squat Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Thru’s

First Primary Exercise

Hot Feet: From a wide stance, squat slightly. For ten seconds, bounce your feet in place as though you're standing on a very hot surface. Once your ten seconds are up, you'll do your reps.

Rep movement: Jump knee tuck. From the same squat, jump and tap the tops of your knees three times. If you can't jump forcefully enough to get both feet off the floor at the same time, move from side to side to tap each knee as depicted in the training.

This combination will be repeated twice more; this is your First Primary Exercise.

Second Primary Exercise

Floor Taps: For this exercise, you'll need to move your feet back and forth as for a jumping jack, but instead of reaching overhead, you're going to tap the floor with alternating hands. Do this intensely for a count of ten seconds.

Rep movement: Jump squats. From a squatted position, jump until you're slightly airborne. Work to power your body from the squat to your full height, working your quads, glutes and core. 

Again, if your joints can't handle the jarring of landing after a jump, review the modified movement in the video to help you work your muscles without punishing your joints.

Work through three sets of the second exercise.

Third Primary Exercise

Mountain Climbers: You'll need to get on all fours for this. Push your backside up until you're balanced on your hands and your feet, a little taller than a push-up or plank position.

From this position, move your knees up to your chest, alternating your feet like you're jogging. Keep your knees inside your arms during this timed exercise.

Rep movement: Jump through. Bring both feet up, making sure to move your knees outside your elbows. Stay in a deep squat and raise your palms straight out in front of you. 

Do this two more times, then repeat Mountain Climbers and Jump throughs until you've done the whole third cycle three times.

For optimum fat-burning, do these three exercises four times total. This will elevate your heart-rate and help your body move into fat-burning mode without pushing you into exhaustion.

More Tips To Combine With Losing Weight With Cardio

The Standard American Diet truly is S.A.D. Our society is getting heavier, sicker and more malnourished with each passing year. 

"Convenience" foods may be quick to pick up, but they're filled with processed sugars, unhealthy fats and way too much sodium.

Beverages also add to our dietary misery and poor health in general. There are over 9 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 ounce can of cola and 13% of the carbohydrates that you need for optimum health. 

Check your food labels! If it ends with an "ose" or has anything called "syrup," it's a processed sugar and will not be good for your pancreas, liver or energy level.

Sugar gives us a big energy bump, but then we crash, hard. Hidden sugar is everywhere.

Try to make simple changes in your diet.

For example, if you keep candy or cookies around for snacks, put them in the cupboard where you can't see them and set out a bowl of beautiful apples. 

Try this for one week: Drink water instead of soda and eat fruit instead of cookies. 

Your body and brain can run smoothly and efficiently on complex carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins. Checkout these 
Fat Burning Foods To Help You Lose Weight. Pay attention to your stomach and brain and eat according to how your body feels.

Just remember to stock your cupboards with food that will make it easy to make smart choices, and let workouts like these get your body into fat-burning mode with cardio exercises!

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Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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