Best Fat Burning Foods To Help You Lose Weight

7 Best Fat Burning Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Looking for the best foods to help you lose weight?

Wouldn't we all like to eat and burn fat at the same time?

No, I'm not talking about how to munch a hot dog while on a treadmill.

I study nutrition and the number one question I am asked is 'does (this or that food) really burn fat?'

I'm always happy to tell them that a few foods really might 'burn fat'.

OK, maybe not burn, like exercise burns, but some foods may actually aid weight loss.

Below the video, I outlined what you should be eating to help you lose weight and get rid of stubborn bodyfat. 

Ready for a fresh look at dieting? Here let's start eating our waistlines away!

1. Avocados: 

Avocados, which are high in monounsaturated fat, which you may have heard about before.

Monounsaturated fat has become famous because it causes us to burn more energy while resting than normal food consumption does.

Avocados also are delicious and have other nutritional qualities, so go for that avocado toast on artisanal bread for breakfast or for a snack.

It's said that monounsaturated fats are especially effective on belly fat. 

Guacamole makes a great snack, so long as the chips you enjoy with it are healthy.

Pro Tip: Another way to add avocado to your diet is to invest in some avocado oil for general use. It's a great oil for cooking or even making a vinaigrette dressing.

2. Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, and other nuts:

Nuts work the same way Avocados do...

...But they are an important food on the list because they make such a tasty and convenient snack food.

Also, they are delicious on salads, as well as in stir fries for a little crunch.

I'm a nut lover and I can't think of many dishes that are not better with a sprinkling of nuts! 

You can buy walnut and almond oil at health food stores.

This specialty oil isn't cheap, but it is absolutely delicious (at least to us nut aficionados) and is used as a flavorful addition to a vinaigrette.

3. Celery and Broccoli:

Here is what I like to call the celery paradox; celery is so crunchy and chewy (as well as so low in calories) that eating it burns more calories than you consume.

It sounds a little silly but its true. Broccoli can work in a similar way. 

It's richer in nutrients than celery but it is composed of dense matter that takes time to digest and doesn't work on the metabolism in a negative way.

Pro tip: Finely dice celery when adding it to a salad for crunch and flavor. Celery tastes wonderful with walnut oil. 

4. Coconut Oil and Fresh Coconut:

While coconut oil is saturated fat, it also contains a substance called lauric acid, which is a healthy fat that helps your body burn energy (calories) faster. 

...Pretty cool, huh?

When combined with low calorie, healthy foods like celery and broccoli, you can make a nice fat burning side dish or lunch.

Don't forget that fresh coconut can be purchased at many health food stores and groceries.

It's delicious plain and all that yummy chewing might burn some calories.

Pro tip: Another way to enjoy coconut is by adding coconut milk to your cooked dishes.

Try cooking your brown rice with coconut milk instead of water for a delicious, healthy dish. BOOOM!!

5. Mushrooms:

Are you surprised to see mushrooms on this list?

Mushrooms are one of the few foods in our normal diet that are adaptogenic.

An adaptogen helps the body fight its own stress response, thus reducing the amount of cortisol that we produce.

Even button mushrooms have adaptogenic properties.

Cortisol is the famous stress hormone that is proven to cause stress and weight gain but adaptogens do even more.

People who eat when they feel stressed report that they feel 'appetite suppressing' benefits when they consume adaptogens. 

Pro tip: Special mushrooms with health benefits have been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years.

You can buy tinctures, powders, and blends of these 'eternal life' 'shrooms at health food stores and add them to your juice or smoothie.

6. Hot Peppers:

If you like spicy foods, you're in luck because capsaicin, which is even present in a small amount in bell peppers, may be a fat burner.

This has been proven in animal studies as well as human ones.

Capsaicin is an alkaloid that heats our bodies when we consume it. This reaction may actually burn calories, as it is our bodies that produce the heat.

Mice that were studied lost 8% more fat when given capsaicin than mice that weren't given it. Both groups were on high fat diets.

Like spicy food? If you like to add hot sauce to your food... Be careful not to depend too much on hot sauce because it can be very salty.

Check the sodium level on the hot sauce you buy and buy chili peppers for cooking.

I like making my own salsa with tomato, cilantro, onion and finely diced hot peppers.

It's delicious and it doesn't even need salt!

Peppers are also packed with vitamin C and a host of nutrients. If you don't like spice, go for bell peppers.

Capsaicin supplements are available for people that want the calorie burning effects without the burning tongue.

Pro Tip: I'm warning you about salt because it can cause you to retain water.

Water weight isn't related to burning fat, of course, but if weight loss is one of your goals you should take water retention into consideration.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Okay, so most of us don't think of vinegar as 'food' until we're dressing our salads with it but it has been proven to encourage our bodies to burn fat.

The question here is how exactly it works.

ACV reduces insulin resistance, suppresses fat storage, and increases our metabolisms.

It may be a combination of those factors but, however apple cider vinegar works, it's proven to help us lose fat.

Two tablespoons a day showed weight loss over a few months in studies. 

Buy a good brand of organic vinegar for this and try it in your salad dressing or add a splash of acid to your stir fries.

I've found that a splash of something acidic really perks up vegetable dishes and keeps them colorful.

Many people simply add a tablespoon of vinegar to their water, twice a day.

Pro Tip: Even if you can stand to drink apple cider vinegar straight, it isn't a good idea, as it can burn your throat and even cause heartburn.

Bon Appetit!

Now that I've given you some ideas to add to your menu, let's get started with the eating part!

It must be lunchtime somewhere.

Pro tip: You can make a mix for a chopped salad with avocado, celery, broccoli, mushrooms and bell peppers and use it for a few days in a row.

Simply mix with shredded lettuce and a nut oil vinaigrette day whenever you are ready to eat a portion.

This keeps saves time and keeps your salad fresh and tasty.

If you've found value from the video and the list of foods, please tap the share button and let your peeps know about it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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