Cardio Workouts For Men

Complete Five-Minute Cardio Workout You Need For Burning Fat

If you're in need of cardio exercises for men to help you burn fat and build your endurance, I have the perfect one for you below.

These type of routines are absolutely essential to maintaining your peak physical condition. These exercises keep your heart healthy, improve your metabolism, and they also increase your stamina.

Below, is a complete five-minute workout you can perform just about anywhere and it will help you shed some bodyfat. 


You don’t need any special equipment to follow this particular workout routine. An exercise mat is all you really need and if you don’t have one lying around at home a towel will still work.

Now, for the workout itself, you will be performing six exercises total. You’ll perform an exercise for 10 full seconds and then move on to the next one until you’ve completed all six. Once you’ve completed a set, you will have to start over until you finish five sets in total.

This is going to be a quick workout, but it’s one that can be very beneficial to you if you perform it regularly. So now, let’s lay the mat down on the floor and get to the exercises.

List Of Exercises

  • Lateral Shuffle Squats
  • Lateral High Knees
  • Lunge Sprints
  • Knee Sprints

Lateral Shuffle Squats

With the mat laid down on the floor in front of you, it’s time to get started on the first exercise.

To perform the lateral shuffle squats, you need to keep your chest straight as you go for the squat. Make sure that it’s a deep squat by sticking your behind out as you dip your body.

After completing the first squat, move to the side and perform another squat. Do this until you run the full length of the mat and go back in the other direction with your squats.


Lateral High Knees

Next up are the lateral high knees and these are actually pretty simple to perform.

Basically, you’ll be mimicking the movements your body makes while running while also exaggerating them a bit. Instead of moving forward though, you’ll be going to the side.

You want to drive those knees way up and try to get them aligned with your hips. Don’t forget to move your arms back and forth as well. By doing so, you are burning additional calories.

Lunge Sprints

For this next workout, you want to put your right knee down on the mat while your left leg is stepping forward. You should be in a lunging position.

From that position, hop up a bit with your left leg and lift your right leg so that your knee goes parallel to your hips. Move your arms again to maximize the workout.


Knee Sprints

Go back to the same starting position for the lunge sprints, but instead of resting your right knee on the mat, it should be up in the air as your right foot is positioned behind you.

Drive your right knee forward and then put it back into position before driving it forward again.


Reverse Lunge and Knee Sprints

For the last two exercises, you’ll be repeating the lunge and knee sprints but this time, you’re focusing on the other leg.

If you completed your first set of lunge and knee sprints with your right leg going in motion, the next sets should feature your left leg moving.


Cardio exercises are incredibly important as they can benefit your body in so many ways. Even if they don’t necessarily work to build up any specific part of your body, the benefits they can offer will work to significantly improve your overall level of health and physique.

Let us know if this workout was helpful to you, and please share this article if you enjoyed it!

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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