Dumbbell Workout At Home To Lose Weight

Dumbbell Workout At Home: 7 Dumbbell Exercises To Lose Weight

When it  comes to burning maximum calories in a convenient way...

You can't beat a good workout at home!

The dumbbells will give you the added resistance to burn more calories during your training session to promote weight loss.


It doesn't get better than working out at home. 

No need to fight traffic or waste your time at a crowded gym.

Just create some space in your living room or somewhere in your home and get ready to have a great dumbbell workout.

Make sure you warm up before this workout. All of the dumbbell exercises and workout details are located below the video.  

Ready? Let's Go!!


This workout routine at home is perfectly formatted to help you lose weight.

These dumbbell exercises are going to target multiple muscle groups in your body so you burn maximum calories.

For ladies, grab 5 to 10 pound dumbbells. For men, choose 15 to 20 pound dumbbells.

Clear out some space and get ready to sweat and burn calories.

You will perform 7 dumbbell exercises at 35 seconds ON and 25 seconds OFF for each round. For a total of 3 rounds.

List Of Exercises

  • Pushup w/Tricep Ext.
  • Static lunge and curl
  • Squat Jacks
  • Pushup w/Tricep Ext.
  • Static lunge and curl
  • Side Shuffle floor tap
  • Rear Delt flys
  • Side Delts
  • Front Raise

Tips For Effective Workouts At Home

If you are starting a new exercise and fitness routine, then you probably think you need a gym membership with all the fanciest equipment to get the best workout ever.

While gym memberships are great for many reasons, the equipment used shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. In fact, many people are starting to utilizing dumbbells and to get insane results from simple workouts.

There are many reasons why people are starting to opt for dumbbells in their training sessions, and there are many reasons why gyms are starting to offer more dumbbell classes and options.

Dumbbells are an old tool that has been updated for better workouts and stronger performance overall. If you are interested in getting started with dumbbells, I have a few tips to help you get started and work out properly with these free weights.

Advantages Of Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbells are pretty self-explanatory. They are short bars with weights attached on either end.

Dumbbells range from light weights to seriously heavyweights, and the most advanced or the most novice of people can utilize dumbbells to build muscle and even lose weight.

One of the biggest advantages of using dumbbells on a regular basis is the ability to fix any imbalances in strength, flexibility, or agility. Just like Yoga, dumbbells give you the option to work out one side at a time.

Your core becomes engaged when you work out one side of the body at the time just to prevent you from falling on your face.

When you use dumbbells, you can train whichever area of the body needs to be trained the most. 

Dumbbells are also perfect for beginners and advanced weightlifters because they come in varying sizes. No matter what your fitness level, you can use dumbbells.

Which Dumbbell Is Right For You

There are even various types of dumbbells that can be used for your workouts. Here are a few options for you to choose from when starting your workout:

  • Fixed dumbbells: can’t be adjusted
  • Hex dumbbells: are made with a hexagonal end
  • Spinlock dumbbells: made to adjust with a spinlock
  • Kettlebells: shaped like a ball with a top handle

Fixed dumbbells are essentially just a dumbbell in each size. These dumbbells cannot be adjusted to varying weights, which means you must buy several to get a variety.

Most gyms have this dumbbell because it gives gym goers more options for various weights and sizes.

Likewise, hex dumbbells are made in one single weight. The only difference is these weights have a hexagonal weight on either end of the bar.

Usually, these are made from steel with cast iron heads. These are better for floor placement as well since they do not roll away.

Spinlock dumbbells are just an adjustable form of a weight bar. You simply slide the weight plate that you want on either end, spin the locking device on end, and get to your workout.

These weights are better for varying weights like half weights and more. These are the best adjustable dumbbells, and many individuals choose these for their home workouts.

Kettlebells are interesting dumbbells since they do not look like the typical option.

Kettlebells are made to resemble a ball on the bottom that weighs a specific amount. The top is equipped with a gripped handle that gives you the ability to hold them.

The thing with kettlebells is the uneven distribution of the weight. When working out with these dumbbell variations, your workout is going to be harder and require more muscle and strength.

Many people choose these to increase the intensity of their workouts.

Dumbbell Exercises: Getting in Your Workout

Once you have chosen your dumbbell workout plan, you need to use them properly.

There are several ways in which you can utilize a dumbbell along with several great dumbbell exercises to get the best workout possible.

These dumbbell exercises are what make up a good workout routine:

  • Dumbbell Press
  • Dumbbell Row
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Dumbbell Raise
  • Dumbbell Flys

A press is pretty typical. When you do press, you simply take the dumbbells in either hand, get a good grip on them, and press them either in an overhead press or a bench press.

When you overhead press, you push the dumbbells over your head, hold for a second, and then slowly lower them back to your shoulder height.

The bench press is similar; only you will be lying down on the floor or the bench and press the dumbbells over your chest.

Rows are a great exercise for your back muscles, and it is made to simulate the rowing of an oar in a boat. To do a proper row, you will need to put a dumbbell in one hand. 

Grab a bench or sturdy table that is about knee height. Lean slightly over and brace your empty hand on the bench. Slowly lower the dumbbell hand and shoulder.

Then slowly raise the dumbbell by using resistance. Hold for a breath then lower the dumbbell with resistance again slowly.

Curls and raises are a little different. Curls require your elbow to be bent, while raises require your elbow to remain straight.

You do both workouts by starting with the dumbbells in either hand and stationed at your sides.

For curls, you twist your wrist, bend your elbows, and use resistance in the bicep to pull the dumbbells up toward your shoulders. Lower back down after a quick breath.

Raises require you to use resistance in the shoulders to pull the dumbbells up until your arms are parallel to the floor. There are several variations in both curls and raises.

Flys are even similar to a raise, except you are using your chest as well as your arms to get the dumbbells to the ending position.

Start with your dumbbells vertically in your hands and out in front of you.

Use your chest to push the dumbbells until they are wide open like a hug. Slowly, move the dumbbells back to start.

Closing Thoughts 

When you are preparing to start a new workout routine, it can seem like the fancy equipment is the best way to go. However, dumbbells and free weights are proven to give you a more localized and intense workout.

You can choose your weights, gain strength on a single side of your body, and even perfect those strength imbalances all with a simple dumbbell workout plan.

Dumbbells are not as confusing as you might think, and if you are going to the gym, you will have several options to choose from.

These workouts are great for your body, and you should always remember to stretch, rest, and be cautious when working out with free weights.

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