Fat Burning Workouts For Men

Five High Intensity Exercises For Men To Burn Fat

Guys have different reasons for going to the gym.

Some frequent the gym because they’re athletes who want to condition their bodies for competition.

Others spend time in the gym to carefully sculpt their body and get it ready for bodybuilding contests.

For many men though, their number one reason for heading to the gym is because they want to drop the pounds and burn their excess fat.

If you have time to go to the gym and make use of all the equipment there, then that’s great! However, you don’t necessarily have to be a gym rat just to burn body fat.

This video features five different exercises that will help you reduce body fat and you don’t even need any kind of special gym equipment to perform them.


You’ll need to put in five total rounds of exercises for this routine. Spend 45 seconds doing one exercise and then take a 15-second breather before following up with the next exercise.

When you’ve completed all five exercises in the round, rest for about 60 seconds before jumping into the next round.

Let’s now get to the fat-burning exercises!

List Of Exercises

  • Atomic Push-Ups
  • Double Pump Jump Squats
  • Heismans
  • Core Crushers
  • Mountain Climbers

Atomic Push-Ups

To get started, put yourself in the plank position – this means back and legs straightened out while forearms are resting on the floor or an exercise mat if you have one ready.

From the plank position, perform a push-up. Make sure to get great depth on it. You’re not done though.

After completing the push-up, perform a jump-through by moving your feet forward with a little hop. Finish by flashing your palms.

Get in as many of these atomic push-ups as you can within those 45 seconds.

Double Pump Jump Squats

Next up, let’s turn our attention to the lower body with the double pump jump squats.

Get into the squat position by lowering your hips, sticking your posterior out, and bending those knees. Try to go as low as you can, but if you’re suffering from knee pain, a quarter squat will do.

While in the squatting position, pump your hips twice and then jump up a bit into the air. Don’t jump too high as that could place unnecessary strain on your knees.


Are you familiar with that iconic Heisman Trophy pose? Well, we’re going to recreate that with the appropriately named Heismans.

Stand in one spot, and then, raise the leg that is on the same side as the direction you’ll be moving in. Lower that leg and complete a side shuffle.

Now that you’re on the other side, raise your other leg and perform a side shuffle back to your original starting point. Remember to keep those arms churning while you’re moving from left to right.

You can improve your cardio effectively with these Heismans

Core Crushers

It’s now time to focus on the abs by doing some core crushers.

Lie down on the ground and get into the crunch position. Instead of performing straight-up crunches though, you will alternate sides by trying to get your right elbow as close as you can to your left knee and vice versa.

After the side crunches, lean back slightly and then pull your torso up so that you can hug your knees close. Really push your core muscles here if you want the optimal results.

Mountain Climbers

We’re finishing up with the mountain climbers.

Go into the push-up position, but this time around, your arms and chest are not going to be the focal points of the exercise. Instead, you’ll be working your legs out by “climbing” in place. Think of it as running in place, except you’re facing the ground while doing so.

Keep those legs moving, but avoid stepping down too hard. Remain light on your feet to avoid injury while doing the mountain climbers.


As you can see, the pieces of equipment at the gym are not necessary for a high-intensity, fat-burning workout. Simply follow the routine above, get those five rounds in regularly, and you should soon see the results on the scale.

Let us know if this workout was helpful to you, and please share this article if you enjoyed it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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