HIIT Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight

HIIT Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight: No Machines Required

Warning! No long boring cardio here...

Just an awesome cardio workout to lose weight to get your heart pumping, and wake up your feel-good hormones. 

Sounds cool, huh?

This cardio high intensity training workout can be performed in your home. You'll need to clear out a little space so you're not bumping into furniture.

Enough socializing - Are you ready?

 ...Let's Do This!!

Oh, real quick...

Make sure you warm up before you start.

Having a proper warm up helps you have a better workout. 


This cardio workout at home is going to prove that you don't need big bulky exercise equipment to burn calories and get in shape.

During the first high intensity exercise in this workout, you have the ability to increase the intensity or dial it down.

If you want to increase the intensity, create greater lateral distance during the skaters. If you need to dial it down, decrease the distance and step laterally instead of hoping. That way, regardless of your fitness level, you'll get a great workout.

When performing this workout, ensure that you give maximum effort during the 35 seconds.

Hiit cardio workouts are all about "peaks and valleys"... go as hard as you can to elevate the heart rate. Then, slow it down to let the heart rate come down.

Each exercise is 35 seconds ON and 25 seconds Squeeze in 4 rounds if time permits. If you have time... go for a fifth round. YEAH!! It's all about challenging yourself.

That's it for now... Go Burn It Up!!

List Of Exercises

  • Speed Skaters With One-Leg Burpee (Right)
  • Speed Skaters With One-Leg Burpee (Left)
  • Reverse Lunge Plyo (Right)
  • Reverse Lunge Plyo (Left)
  • Atomic Pushups (Super Fun!)

When you’re training to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply get in better shape, working out along with clean eating should be at the top of your priorities. 

Some people benefit best from lifting weights on a regular basis, while others benefit from cardio workouts both in low intensity and high-intensity formats.

Whichever category you fall under, you may have possibly heard of or even tried your own version of cardio.

It is a great option to help you burn calories, increase your metabolism, and even lose stubborn body fat.

What many people don’t know is that these workouts are pretty involved and intense.

It is a very specific type of training that many people have begun to add to their workout routines.


Well, these high-intensity interval training workouts, which is what HIIT stands for, have many benefits for the body.

Knowing this information and actually performing a workout the correct way is not always easy.

If you are preparing to give it a try during your next workout session...

there are a few things that you need to remember in order to give yourself a better, more fulfilling workout.

It is always a great idea to use these tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout.

Here are a few tips to help you out.


It is kind of obvious that a high intensity interval training, workout requires a bit of high intensity. 

However, what is not quite as obvious is the intensity level needed to achieve great results.

It does take a little time to get used to such a high intensity workout, but when you push yourself harder and faster each time... 

...You are giving your body a chance to

  • increase your metabolism 
  • regulate your blood sugar 
  • get that blood flowing for better circulation, and burn off calories.

Upping your intensity isn’t going to be something you can just jump into either.

If you seem to be struggling with intensity of the workout, take it slow at the beginning.

It’s great to challenge yourself but make sure you train smart.

There’s always time in the future to increase the intensity.

The more you workout in this way, the better your endurance will become.

A great workout would consist of something like this:

  • 30 seconds of high intensity squat jumps
  • 30 seconds of high intensity burpees
  • 30 seconds of high intensity mountain climbers
  • 60 seconds of low intensity rest
  • Repeat


Even though you are trying to workout at a higher intensity, rest is still a huge part of these workouts.

There is a specific format you should follow when doing these high intensity workouts, and that is a period of all-out-effort, then rest. 

Without the proper recovery...

You simply aren’t doing the workouts the correct way.

See, with workouts, you push your body to acclimate to the high intensity cardio.

Between sets, you are resting, which gives your body a chance to slow back down.

When you are going from low to high intensity, you are burning more calories, which results in a more fat loss in the end.

During your rest period, you can catch your breath, wipe away sweat, and get a few sips of water to recover.

You need these rest periods between each set to help give your body the energy needed to perform at top intensity.

A great rule of thumb for resting during your workouts: 

  • Workout as hard as possible for 30 seconds, 30 seconds for each exercise.
  • Then you can rest for 30 seconds between each 30-second exercise.
  • Repeat for the entire workout.


One thing to remember when doing your workout is to avoid training at this same intensity every single day.

It’s addicting to see the results and want to do these workouts daily but, it’s just as important to let the body recover.

A better way to approach your high-intensity interval training workouts is to do them two to three times a week instead of every single day.

When you do the same workouts all the time at such a high intensity, your body will not be working at its maximum capacity.

Instead of doing the same workouts all the time, you can mix it up with low intensity exercises.

Try adding yoga in combination with your workouts.

Changing up your workouts also helps you avoid workout boredom. 

Swapping up workouts is always better for you in the long run and ensures you stay consistent on your fitness journey.


No matter how much you workout, you cannot out train a terrible diet.

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to add a healthier, more nutritious diet to your high-intensity workouts.

Healthy diets consist of a good balance of everything from fats, carbs, and protein.

Your results will greatly depend on the food choices you make.

So, be very conscious of what you put on your folk, if you want to transform your body.

Good things to cut out when starting a healthier diet are things like:

  • Soft drinks
  • Sugary cereals
  • Candy
  • Too many sweets
  • Excessive carbs

Cardio workouts are a great way to keep your intensity up while you workout.

These workouts help you train your body to perform better, and they even help boost your metabolism to burn away fat.

If you want to lose weight, coupling workouts with a healthy diet can help you achieve your goals.  

Creating a good, healthy balance for both your workout routines and your diet is the best way to lose the weight, get in shape, and feel better all around.

These workouts are challenging, but they are fun and very effective at helping you lose weight and get the body you desire.

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Talk soon,
CC Matthews
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