HIIT Workout At Home With Dumbbells (LIVE)

Full Body HIIT Workout At Home 

Here's a HIIT Workout At Home With Dumbbells! This hiit routine at home will work your upper body, lower body, and abs. Grab some dumbbells to make this hiit workout more intense and increase your calorie burn.


For this home hiit workout, you will perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then take a 30 second break. Follow along with me in the video and listen to the demonstrations of the exercises. Let's Go!!

List Of Exercises

  • Kamikaze's
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Curtsy Lunge Press
  • Fwd & Bck Squat Upright Row
  • Torture Box Extreme
  • Figure 4 Crunch
  • Lateral High Knee

Let me know if these hitt exercises were helpful to you, and please share this article if you enjoyed it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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