HIIT Workouts For Men

HIIT Workout Routine For Men: Burn More Fat In Half The Time 

There is no silver bullet for weight loss or fat burning.

You can’t take a magic pill or perform a specific exercise on Saturday and expect that you’ll be significantly lighter when you set foot on the weighing scale on Sunday.

Sorry man, things simply don’t work that way.

However, you also don’t have to spend long hours exercising in order to get the results you want.

There is more than one way to work out and if you want to get as much calorie and fat burning as you can into what free time you do have, it’s time to seriously consider HIIT workouts for men.

Let me show you...


HIIT (high intensity interval training) allows you to get the benefits of a full workout session even if you exercised for just about 10 to 30 minutes. You can accomplish that by going all out with a specific exercise and then following that up with a rest period before repeating the pattern for other workouts.

List Of Exercises

  • Incredible Hulks
  • Jackknife Abs
  • Lateral Toe Taps
  • Bicep Curls
  • Arnold Presses
  • V-Sit Presses
  • Dumbbell Squats
  • Stutter Step Lunge
  • Broad Jump Backpedal

Incredible Hulks

To kick things off, get into a pose where it’s almost like you’re skiing. Keep your knees slightly bent, your behind sticking out, and lower your torso so that it’s almost parallel to the ground.

From that position, grab the dumbbells and pull them up to around waist level. Complete five reps of the dumbbell pulls.

You’re not done yet though.

After the work with the dumbbells, place them down on the mat shoulder-width apart and go into the push-up position. Start on the outside of the dumbbells with your hands and as you push up, move them inside the dumbbells. Repeat that sequence five times.

Go back to the rows after the push-ups and then follow up with more push-ups if you still can. Your goal here is to fit in as many of those incredible hulks into 30 seconds.

You can rest for 30 seconds following the completion of the incredible hulks. 

Jackknife Abs

For this next exercise, you will want to start by lying down on the exercise mat. Pick up one dumbbell next and position it over the top of your head close to the mat. Stretch out your legs too, but don’t extend them fully.

You now have to simultaneously move the dumbbell and your knees closer to one another. Move your arms and knees at the same time to do that. The dumbbell should end up over your knees as they are hovering above your abs.

Perform as many of those jackknife abs as you can within 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds. 

Lateral Toe Taps

Position the exercise mat right in front of you and stand just outside of one of its horizontal edges. From there, proceed to move your feet back and forth along the edge of the mat so that one foot is in contact with the mat while the other is behind you.

Swivel your hips as you’re working your way along the mat and don’t forget to drive your arms too. Move your feet quickly to get many of those toe taps in. Once you get to the end of the exercise mat, continue the toe taps while moving in the opposite direction.

Complete as many of the lateral toe taps as you can within 30 seconds. 

Bicep Curls

Pick up one dumbbell in each hand and curl your arms close to your shoulders.

Start on one arm and perform two bicep curls. Keep that arm curled and complete two bicep curls with the other arm.

Continue doing two bicep curls at a time for each arm for up to 30 seconds.

Arnold Presses

You can stay upright with a dumbbell in each hand for this next exercise.

This time, lift your arms high enough that they are about aligned to your chest. Once in that position, proceed to raise one arm with dumbbell in hand up into the air, rotating your arm while doing so. Your palm should be facing outward at the apex of the press.

Do that twice for one arm before doing the same thing for your other arm.

Continue going back and forth with the Arnold presses until the 30 seconds have elapsed.

V-Sit Presses

Sit down on the mat and grab a dumbbell. Position the dumbbell horizontally underneath your chin while also making sure that your feet are not resting on the mat.

Go ahead and lift the dumbbell high over your head using both hands. You don’t need to fully extend your arms, but you should keep your chest tall and your feet off the mat you’re using.

Don’t stop with the V-sit presses until you hear the 30-second timer go off. 

Dumbbell Squats

Next up, you’ll be performing squats with a slight variation.

Get the dumbbells and put them in the front rack position – over your shoulders and almost parallel to the ground. Lift up your elbows too in order to elevate the dumbbells further.

Now that you’re in the proper position, go ahead and perform as many squats as the 30-second time limit will allow. Remember to keep the dumbbells in the same position as you continue with this exercise. 

Stutter Step Lunge

Begin by getting into the lunge position – one foot stepping forward while the other leg is bent back with shin parallel to the ground and toes folded.

Follow that up by performing a stutter step. You can do that by bringing your feet close to one another and standing mostly upright. Try to do all of that in one motion.

After the stutter step, move back into the same lunge position. Do this for 30 seconds before resting. Focus on the other leg next and perform more lunges for an additional 30 seconds.

Get as low as you can with each stutter step lunge as this will give your body a better workout. 

Broad Jump Backpedal

The last exercise in this HIIT routine is the broad jump backpedal.

To get things started, stand on one edge of the mat. Hunch your body forward ever so slightly and then perform a broad jump to the other end of the mat.

Don’t jump too high or land too hard on the ground because you could get injured from doing either of those things.

Following the completion of the jump, stand up straight and quickly backpedal while raising your knees up. Sway those arms while you’re backpedaling.

Once again, execute as many of those broad jumps and backpedal reps as you can until the 30 seconds are over.


There’s no doubt that you’ll be very tired after completing a workout routine like the one detailed above, but your body will be grateful for it in the long run.

Just don’t push yourself too much and make sure not to go too long because you’ll end up becoming more prone to injuries.

You don’t need to completely lengthy workout routines to effectively burn fat. A time-efficient HIIT routine is more than enough for your weight loss needs.

Let us know if this workout was helpful to you, and please share this article if you enjoyed it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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