How To Increase Metabolism and Speed Up Weight Loss

How To Increase Metabolism3 Must-Do’s To Boost Metabolism

So, you want to speed up weight loss and burn more fat?

If you've been trying to lose weight for a while, your body may be pretty confused.

Stringent diets can put your body into starvation mode as you lose fat, but once you start eating again, your body hoards those calories against to protect against another bout of hunger.

Below, in the video... 

I have some great suggestions to bring your body back into a logical balance and get your body back to burning fat and losing weight!

1. Eat Enough: 

Starvation diets don't work! They're impossible to stick to and will make you miserable.

Additionally, your body panics at the idea that there's no food, so your body tries to conserve the energy you want to shed in the form of fat.

Instead, work to provide your body with excellent but simple nutrition. Lean protein, healthy fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables should be the basis of any healthy diet. Choose some fat burning foods

They'll give you the fiber, nutrition, and calories you need to live in health while your body sheds excess fat pounds.

2. Cut Back On Inflammatory Foods:

While there are plenty of simple foods that will work well within your body, anything highly processed can really inflame your digestive system.

Highly processed foods, anything made from refined flour, and (for some folks) dairy cause a reaction in the body known as inflammation.

Inflammatory foods can cause damage in more parts of the body than just your digestive tract.

Some people with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis find that some foods can severely impact their pain level. Ever known anyone who got a bad headache after eating certain foods? That is an inflammatory response.

A diet rich in raw foods and simple lean proteins can help you rapidly reduce internal inflammation.

It will take a while to reset your taste buds, particularly if you have been eating a lot of refined sugar. If you're shopping and not certain what foods might cause inflammation, check the label.

Should you find ingredients that have more than five syllables, put it back on the shelf.

Manage Your Stress Level

Stress, anxiety and uncertainty in any area of your life can cause you to gain weight. 
Cortisol is often cited as the stress hormone that will build up the fat around your middle, which is also and indicator of higher risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Exercise is a great way to reduce your stress.

Got troubles at work?

Take a walk on your lunch break.

Kids driving you crazy in the evening?

Put everyone on a bike and go out for some fresh air.

For stress reduction, you don't have to exercise hard. Just moving your body through space and setting a steady pace can help you clear your head of worries.

However, you'll need more than a walk or a bike ride to reset your metabolism. Browse this site for great ideas for exercises that can help you lose weight, burn fat and succeed in Increasing Your Metabolism!

3. Move Your Body

1.) Interval training: Rather than pushing yourself through long cardio workouts, work in short bursts. If you jog laps, add thirty seconds of sprinting, then return to laps.

High Intensity Interval training serves several purposes. For one thing, you can push yourself with the knowledge that you can back off in just a few reps. Who knows? You may surprise yourself and achieve a personal best in weight lifting or running.

2.) Large muscle group work: These exercises combine your muscles to double up on exercises, increasing your efficiency and building even more lean muscle.

For example...

...if you already do dumbbell curls for your biceps, add a lunge or a squat. Combine an overhead press with a sumo squat for an all-high/all-low combination of reps.

3.) Understand that you may be sore after these more intense workouts. Be sure to stretch after each workout and change up your workout routines so you're not overworking sore, tired muscles.

There are plenty of things you can do at the gym or at home to workout other areas of your body without risking serious damage.

Muscle soreness is caused by microtears in the muscle tissue, but this is also where growth occurs. Allow for rest!

Get Enough Sleep!

If you drink coffee or caffeinated tea, stop these beverages at noon. Give your body time to shed the caffeine so you can sleep soundly after 8 pm.

Leave electronics in another room so you're on your phone or tablet when you should be sleeping; the light will make your brain think it's morning.


If you've been eating a lot of convenience foods, switching to a simpler diet may leave you feeling underfed.

Make sure to drink plenty of water before your meals and during your workouts.

Also consider adding sparkling water to your snacking routine to help you feel a little fuller and shed the need for sugary or diet sodas.

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CC Matthews
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