Lower Back Stretches

Relieve Pain and Discomfort Using These Lower Back Stretches

Lower back pain has turned into a kind of problem that just about everyone experiences.

In many cases, it is a result of conditions like bulging discs, muscle and ligament strains, or even diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

However, you may even feel back stiffness sometimes if you’ve been sitting the wrong way on your office chair or commuting for an extended period of time.

To put it simply, lower back pain is probably something you will encounter at some point. You don’t just have to live with it though.

The following stretches will help you obtain immediate relief from the pain you may be experiencing. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Wall Stretch

back stretching routine

Lay down an exercise mat near the wall and rest your back on top of it with your feet pointing in the direction of the wall.

Scoot your behind up the wall a bit. This will lead to your legs going straight into the air. Relax your shoulders and back while in that position and just allow gravity to pull you down to the floor.

Inhale for about two to three seconds and exhale for about three to four seconds while in that position. Stay in that position for a minute.

Happy Baby Pose

lay down and stretch your back

Right after the wall stretch, pull your legs toward you so that your knees flare out to the side while also moving closer to the chest. Keep your feet close together throughout this stretch.

Continue the breathing exercises. Go ahead and stay in that happy baby pose for one minute. 

Knee to Chest

release glutes and lumbar spine

You can move away from the wall now, but you still have to lie down face up on the mat.

From that position, raise one of your knees and then pull it into your chest by grabbing behind your thigh. Don’t pull too hard. Pull just enough so that the knee approaches your chest.

Maintain the pull for 60 seconds before doing the same thing for your other knee. 

Figure 4 Stretch

piriformis stretch

Start out flat on the mat again and follow that up by raising both knees. Now, while in that position, lift your right leg and rest it over the top side of your left thigh. It should be positioned in a way that your right ankle is directly above your left thigh.

Next, use both hands and reach down to grab the back of your left thigh and wrap your fingers around it. Begin pulling your left thigh up so that it moves closer to your chest. Go as far as you can but don’t strain yourself.

If you’re especially flexible, you can also try lifting your neck and shoulders over the map to get an even better stretch.

Stay in that position for about a minute or so. Once the minute is up, do the same stretch, but focus on your other leg. 

T-Spine Rotation

upper back stretch
thorasic spine stretch

You can start in the same way as you did with the stretch – back flat on the mat and knees up with both feet on the floor. After getting into that starting position, roll over to your right side while making sure that your knees remain slightly tucked in.

The next step involves you bringing up both of your knees. Get them in a position where they form a right angle together with your hips.

With your knees in the right spot, lay your right arm down on the floor with your palm facing up.

Place your left hand on top of your right hand. From there, lift your left hand up and rotate your upper body to the left. Continue until your left hand makes contact with the floor.

If you can’t get your left hand on the floor, get it as close as you can. While doing this, your knees should still be locked in that right angle position.

You can also modify the stretch by stretching your bottom leg out and then putting a foam roller under the top leg. Use the foam roller to move your top leg closer to your chest.

Remain in the rotated position for 60 seconds.

Cobra Pose

low back extension

Get your back off the floor and assume the kind of position you would take if you were about to perform push-ups. Don’t plant the upper part of your feet on the ground. Just keep your feet pointed while not placing any real weight on them.

Modify the position further by lowering your hips. Lower them to the point where they are in contact with the exercise mat.

Plant your hands on the ground next and raise your upper body by stretching out your arms. Avoid elevating your shoulders and instead, try to pack them down.

Finish the pose by lifting up your chin, but make sure that you are not doing so by flexing your neck.

For those having some difficulty with this pose, you can plant your forearms on the ground instead of your open palms.

Do your best to stay in this pose for one minute.

Child Pose

upper lats stretch

Drop down to all fours and make it a point to tuck your knees into your body. After that, stretch your arms in front of you.

Move your head back now and lower it into your shoulders. As you’re doing that, push your hips back and try to line them up with your heels.

You should maintain this pose for one minute as well.


You can perform all the stretches listed above for about three to four rounds or up to the point where your lower back starts to feel better.

Just remember that these stretches are meant to help you out and relax your body. Couple them with breathing exercises if that helps with pain relief.

Also, avoid going overboard with any of the stretches. As soon as you start to feel pain, stop the stretch and go back to a more comfortable position.

Lower back pain is something that many of us have to deal with regularly. Thanks to the stretches included above, you can turn that unpleasant element of your life into something easier to handle.

Let us know if this article was helpful to you, and please share if you enjoyed it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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