Push Up Workout

Push Your PECS To The Limit With This Push Up Workout Routine

The push-up is a form of exercise that just about everyone knows.

I remember it being the go-to move when I was only 8 years old.

I wanted to build muscle so I started busting out some reps before bed every night while dreaming of becoming Incredible Hulk. 

Chances are you were asked to get some push-ups in during gym class as part of a physical fitness exam.

A push-up is simply an effective exercise that can help you strengthen your arms and your chest.

In the video below, I detail how this old school favorite can help you sculpt the chest of your dreams while also highlighting specific variations of the exercise you can try out the next time you are free.


You will want to do 10 reps of each push-up variant first before moving on to the next exercise.

Once you’ve completed the recommended reps on all the exercises, take a 20-second breather before repeating the routine again. You only have to complete eight reps for each exercise when you start over.

Keep shaving two reps off after you complete each routine until you get down to zero.

Now, lay your exercise mat down on the floor and let’s get to the push-ups!

List Of Exercises

  • Plyo Push-Ups
  • Atomic Push-Ups
  • Wide Push-Ups
  • Diamond Push-Ups

Plyo Push-Ups

For this first exercise, you can use the mat as a kind of measuring tool.

Place your hands on the outside edges of the exercise mat. It doesn’t matter if they’re touching the mat. You just want your hands to be spaced far apart.

With your hands in position, lower your chest, but don’t let it touch the mat.

Next up is the hard part as you will have to push your body up off the ground. Put some muscle into the push and make sure that your hands actually lift up from the floor. You don’t have to get a lot of height, but your hands should be completely airborne for a split second.

Keep it up until you’re done with all the reps.

Atomic Push-Ups

This next push-up variation is really going to do a number on your arms.

For the atomic push-ups, you can start by assuming the planking position. Place both of your forearms on the mat and straighten your back and legs out to do so.

Transition from the plank by putting your hands in the standard push-up position. After that, lower your body and complete the push-up. One rep is completed when you’ve finished the push-up.

Wide Push-Ups

Wide push-ups are difficult because your hands are in an unusual position.

Place your hands on the outside edges of the mat again, but this time, your fingers should be pointing to the east and west directions.

Tuck your elbows into your sides so that you are almost forming a right angle whenever your chest is low to the ground. This will take a while to get used to, but with enough practice, these wide push-ups will feel natural as well.

Diamond Push-Ups

The diamond push-ups are probably the ones that resemble the conventional push-ups the most.

For this exercise, place your hands in the middle of the mat and form a diamond shape with them.

You can now go ahead and do the push-ups as you normally would but remember to maintain the diamond shape and keep your elbows tucked in.


This old school move doesn’t get enough love for being an effective form of exercise. Complete push-ups properly, and you will be able to build up your chest and your arms effectively.

The variations above will target different regions of your chest and they will also target triceps and front delts. Next time you want to pump the pecs, drop down and give me 20!

Let us know if this workout was helpful to you, and please share this article if you enjoyed it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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