Upper Body Workout At Home Without Weights

Upper Body Workout At Home Without Weights: Top 5 Upper Body Exercises

Need great upper body exercises?

You're in the right place...

Because this workout looks very easy at first glance...

...but after the first round, your upper body will be screaming for a break! 

These upper body exercises are designed to target the majority of your upper body. 

Before you start crushing your workout, please make sure you warm up properly.

Ok, time to work the upper body! Let's Go!


These upper body exercises without weights are going to target your chest, shoulders, triceps, middle and low back.

Make sure you wath the video and understand the proper form and techique of each exercise.

Also, in the video, I explain modifications for each exercise so that way you can get something out of this workout regardless of your fitness level.

Perfom a total of 3-4 rounds of these exercises to complete an effective workout.

Below, I list each exercise and give you the breakdown of the time intervals for the workout. Have fun!

List Of Exercises

  • Plyo Pushups
  • Renegade Rows
  • Pike Pushups
  • Olympic Swimmers
  • Tornado Triceps

More Ways To Have A Workout At Home Without Weights

Eating right is a challenge, and finding the time to workout is an even bigger struggle! You can park far from the store and take the steps instead of the elevator to exercise your heart and your legs, but what about the upper body?

Luckily, there are household objects that can help you build strength in your arms and upper back. If you're spending time cleaning, grocery shopping or playing with your children, you can awaken and strengthen these muscles. Additionally, a dining room chair or a bit of carpet will give you space you plenty of room for exercises to boost your arms and chest.

Working out with baby? Absolutely! Your toddler will love serving as your barbell. When bench pressing your child, you're getting a while they're getting a fun and responsive jungle gym!

Other Exercises To Try

1.) Bicep Curls
Grocery bags and milk jugs were made for bicep curls. Make several trips to the car and come back with a bag in each hand. If they're heavy, do ten curls per bag before setting them down. If the bags are light, curl slowly and really focus on your form.

2.) Tricep dips
A sturdy dining room chair can serve as a great spot for tricep dips. Stretch your feet out in front of you, place your hands on either side of the seat, and elevate your bottom until you clear the chair. Lower your seat toward the floor, carrying the weight of your body on your upper arms as you bend them, then straighten your arms.

3.) Push Ups
Push ups at home can be done against the wall or on the floor. Against the wall, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on a flat surface of wall. Extend your arms and set your feet a full arm's length away from the wall; the further out your feet are from the wall, the more intense your workout.

You can also do this against a kitchen counter. Be sure to give yourself plenty of leaning room; this exercise will also engage your core and help you strengthen your abdominal muscles.

If you've got an infant at home, try these on the floor with baby nearby or beneath you. They'll get a giggle out of watching you move from close to far away, and you'll get a great workout.

4.) Plank
A timed plank is a great workout for your core, arms and shoulders. If this pose is especially hard for you, start against a wall for the least resistance. Once the wall pose is easy to hold, move to a kitchen counter. Set your oven timer for a minute and lean, straight-armed, against the wall or counter until the timer beeps. The more intense the lean, the more strength you'll gain from this exercise.

One of the challenging things about working out at home is to push yourself. Keep an eye on your feet to make this exercise productive!

5.) Overhead Tricep Press
If you're not comfortable working out with weights over your head, you can learn the form of an overhead tricep press with a beach ball or child's rubber ball. It shouldn't be wider than your shoulders. This is one of the simplest upper body exercises at home you can work to develop great form, strengthen your spine and improve your posture.

Find a spot that has plenty of clearance and isn't under a ceiling fan. Hold the ball over your head and slowly lower it behind you, keeping your elbows directly over your head and your upper arms lined up next to your ears.

Slowly return to the starting position. Ten reps of this will have you really feeling where the tricep is and just how hard it is to work these muscles. As a variation on this, go from directly overhead to straight out in front of you. As there's not much weight, you want to move slowly and let the muscles in your arms tire a bit to increase the intensity of the workout.

Even if getting to the gym regularly doesn't work with your schedule, you can still move your body through space and get benefit from this workout routine at home.

As you incorporate these moves into your daily routine, you'll start to see ways to turn a single move into reps and ordinary items into weights. From cleaning to childcare to cooking, you can find ways to get in a workout!

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Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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