Upper Body Workout For Men

Upper Body Gym Routine For Men Who Want To Build Muscle

Let’s be honest. One of the main reasons why guys work out is because they want to look good and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Working out helps you get in great shape and that, in turn, can help boost your confidence.

Now, if you really want a physique that you can be proud of, you’ll need to work on bulking up that upper body.

If you want a complete gym workout routine for an entire week go there.

In this article, I’ll detail the upper body exercises demonstrated in the video below. 


By performing these exercises when you’re at the gym, you are guaranteed to end up swole and ready to bust out of your shirt. Don't forget to take a selfie!

List Of Exercises

  • Flat Bench Presses
  • Machine Rows
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Lateral Shoulder Raises
  • Tricep Pressdowns
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Flat Bench Presses

To get things going, head over to the flat bench press and get underneath that barbell.

As you’re lying face up on the bench, pack your shoulders in and arch your lower back just a little. You’re doing this because you want to focus more on your chest muscles.

Now that you’re in the proper position, lift that barbell and proceed to get the reps in. You’re looking to get six to eight reps in for each set and you’re aiming for three sets total.

Give yourself a break that lasts for about two to three minutes between each set. This will give your muscles enough time to recover and prevent injury.

Machine Rows

For the next exercise, head on over to the upright rowing machine and position yourself in front of the pad provided.

Instead of just sticking your chest on to the pad, place your forearm in between it and your chest. This will create additional distance. You want that extra distance because it will enable you to engage your lats more effectively.

Start pulling on the grips now and make sure that you really pull your elbows back with each rep. A set is completed when you’ve completed eight reps each on both sides.

You want three sets total of this exercise with a 2 or 3-minute break in between each one. 

Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses

Grab a pair of dumbbells next and move over to the incline bench. Set the incline just a touch higher for this next exercise.

Get on the bench with dumbbells in each hand and lean back. Align the dumbbells horizontally and lift them up. Try to move them close to one another at the apex of the rep. Really squeeze that chest as you’re lifting the dumbbells

This time around, you’re upping the number of reps to 10 for each set. You’re still going for three sets, but the breaks should now only last for about a minute or two.

Lat Pulldowns

The lat pulldown machine is your next destination. Sit down on the seat provided and make sure that your legs are secure under the pads.

Reach for the bar and then move your elbows forward a bit. As you’re pulling the bar down, roll your shoulders back and down to activate your lats even more. Arch your back slightly as well.

Pull the bar down to chin level. Don’t pull it any further down because it won’t be quite as beneficial to your lats.

Rep, set, and rest numbers are the same with the incline dumbbell bench presses.

Lateral Shoulder Raises

Reach for the dumbbells again and set your feet hip-width apart. Soften those knees up too because you don’t want to place excess pressure on your back.

With the dumbbells at your sides, start raising them up. As the dumbbell approaches shoulder-height, “pour out the beverage.” In other words, you should twist your wrist in a way that you would if you were pouring out a drink.

You only have to do two sets of the lateral shoulder raises. However, each set should feature at least 15 reps. Rest for a minute between sets.

Tricep Pressdowns

Move to the cable machine now and attach the bar.

Pull the bar down first and then pack your shoulders back so that they will not be the focal points of this exercise. Keep pressing down on the bar in a manner that allows your forearms to be parallel to the ground.

From there, press the bar down further and extend your elbows as you do so. Remember to squeeze your triceps as well. Don’t allow your forearms to go past the position where they are parallel to the ground or lower.

15 reps are recommended for each set here. Do your best to get in three sets and take a minute-long break whenever you complete one.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

For this last exercise, we are using the dumbbells again. Go back into the standing position where your feet are hip-width apart and your knees are not stiffened up.

At the start of each rep, the dumbbells should be at your sides with your wrists facing your body. As you move the dumbbells up though, you need to twist your wrists so that the dumbbells are positioned toward your face at the peak of the rep.

Make sure to brace your abs as well in order to get the most out of this exercise.

Get 15 reps in for each set and try for three sets total. After finishing each set, take a minute to recover.


Working on the muscles in your upper body is not easy, but the results are more than worth it. Be sure to follow the exercises detailed above if you want to have a physique that’s worth bragging about.

Let us know if this workout was helpful to you, and please share this article if you enjoyed it.

Talk soon,
CC Matthews
Transformation Coach/ Pizza Lover

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